A) What does a miracle mean?

Bananas are tropical plants. It will die when it becomes less than 13 degrees Celsius. It has been considered impossible to cultivate pure domestic bananas in Japan. However, with special technology, it was the first time in Japan to realize banana cultivation that would not die even in the middle of winter.

B) Why did you pay attention to bananas?

When Mr. Setsuzo Tanaka, who developed it, was a child, bananas were precious and very expensive fruits. When I grew up, I wanted to eat a banana full, and one day I dreamed of growing bananas with my own hands, and I realized that.。

C) What does it mean to be a banana crisis worldwide?

Bananas have no seeds. Divide stocks and increase. In other words, bananas around the world are clones. Nowadays, a new Panama disease has spread, and banana strains with the same gene are starting to die one after another, and at worst, it is said that the day when bananas disappear from the table will come.

D) Will Japanese bananas not get new Panama disease?

Neo-Panama disease is a tropical mold that die in cold weather in Japan. Infecting domestically produced bananas does not cause any epidemic.

E) Are you using pesticides?

Diseases and pests of the tropical crop banana cannot live in the Japanese climate. So you don’t have to use pesticides. Mongea bananas are pesticide-free and can be eaten with confidence.

F) What is the freeze-thaw awakening method?

In a word, it is a technology that brings out the ability with cold resistance by cooling the banana embryo to 60 degrees below zero and thawing from there. Banana, a tropical plant, survived the Ice Age. It awakens the ability at that time.

G) Did you hear that you grow fast?

The growth of Monge-banana cultivated by the freeze-thaw awakening method is very fast, and it would take two years to recover the fruit in half a year. Not only cold resistance but also the ability to accelerate the growth speed is developed.

H) Can Monge-banana even eat the skin?

Currently, foreign bananas on the market contain pesticides and you cannot eat their skins. In the first place, it is hard and not suitable for food. However, since Monge-banana has thin skin and is pesticide-free, you can eat the whole skin.

I) Is Monge-banana delicious?

As you can see when you actually eat it, it is very delicious. Very sweet. It has a sugar content of 25 degrees. By the way, the sugar content of a normal banana is around 15 degrees.

J) Can I use the freeze-thaw awakening method besides bananas?

of course. In addition to bananas, crops such as papaya and coffee that are difficult to make in the Japanese climate can be cultivated by this freeze-thaw awakening method, and very nutritious and safe fruits can be harvested.

K) What does it mean to change Japan's future?

While Japan is moving away from agriculture, many agricultural products are being imported from foreign countries. It is expected that the situation will accelerate and the Japanese agriculture will be damaged if the TPP etc. are announced. However, with this freeze-thaw awakening method, we can provide the world with pesticide-free crops that can be eaten safely. The miracle banana is truly an agricultural revolution that brings hope to Japan.

M) Will the growth rate increase?

After the freeze-thaw awakening treatment, the increase in RNA of signaling gene is confirmed in the plant. Therefore, the cell division rate (cell proliferation rate) is accelerated and the growth rate is increased.

N) Will the yield increase?

Bananas can usually be harvested only about a year and a half after planting, but bananas grown using the freeze-thaw awakening method can be harvested in just 9 months. In addition, the amount of bananas is usually one bunch per plant, but the yield is 4 to 6 bunches.

O) Sapling, seed price?

If you have any requests for seedlings or seeds that we handle, please let us know.

P) Is it possible to visit the farm?

If you are interested, please contact us and check the tour schedule.

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