What is FTA? Freeze Thaw Awakening

This is one of the most unique agriculture methods you have ever heard.

As current high tech advances, our dietary habits Is it richer than the old people?

Merits and demerits of agricultural efficiency

Agriculture is an inseparable part of our lives. It is believed that humans began to actively produce food from the end of the Ice Age, and it continues to change shape.
We will develop tools, use animals, and develop machines to further improve efficiency so that we can handle the amount.
As the market expands, more and more efficient crops are being used to combat crops’ external enemies and diseases, and now crops are being made that use methods that go beyond the rules of natural genetics and genome editing.

Food facts that reach the restaurant industry and dining table

Many of the foods and dishes that we usually think are delicious may actually be artificially made rather than blessed with nature. Japan is one of the world’s top consumers of genetically modified products. It is not well known that there are items that are not required to be labeled in the genetically modified food labeling system in Japan. Soy sauce is not required to be labeled, and meat, eggs, milk, and dairy products are exempt from labeling even though they were raised using genetically modified food.
In addition, if the weight of the genetically modified raw material is 4th or less, or 5% or less of the raw material, the product is not required to be labeled.
In this way, regarding products that do not have a genetic modification label, it is not that they do not use genetically modified ingredients, but it is a problem with the labeling system that there is no labeling obligation, so it is quite difficult for individuals to find really safe food It is in the world.

Organic culture has sprung up globally.
People's awareness has begun to change.

Current world organic circumstances

At present, it is announced that the ratio of organically grown area in Asia is 1.1% in China, 1.8% in Taiwan, 0.4% in Japan, and 0.1% in South Korea.

The climate of Japan is warm and there is a lot of rain, so weeds, pests, and pathogens become active, so there is a need to rely on pesticides. There are certainly some aspects that make organic cultivation difficult.

However, looking at global demand:

“Vegetable:Development of the global area 2004-2017”

The organically grown area, which was 105,253 ha in 2004, has been increasing gradually, but in 2013 it increased to 294,317 ha, and in 2016 it increased to 441,493 ha. Furthermore, in 2017, there will be a rapid expansion of 675,980ha, and in the future it will be a time when people will naturally accept the world’s organic culture.

In Japan, on the other hand, a man has been working on a steady research for 40 years. . .

And what we developed is:
"freeze-thaw awakening method".

Freeze-thaw awakening method: (Patent No .: 6300215)
Patent name: Method to enhance plant characteristics
Patent holder: Setsuzo Tanaka
Date of patent registration: March 9, 2018

This is a dream technique that will change the agricultural industry in the future, using the technique that Professor Setsuzo Tanaka created independently. By giving seeds and cells a simulated ice age experience and applying ultra-low temperature stress, the environmental information recorded in the gene is evoked. This maximizes the environmental adaptability of the seed. With this technique, the original excellent ability of sleeping in DNA without any change in genetic information can be brought out, and the cold resistance, heat resistance, and insect resistance of plants can be enhanced. It is an “ultimate quality improvement method” that enables an amazing growth rate of plants and an overwhelming increase in yield, and it is “organic-free full organic cultivation” that is harmless to the human body and the earth. It enables stable harvesting of tropical crops in cold climates around the world.

What is Freeze-Thaw Awakening technology?

The origin of the development was an idea based on the fact that bananas and tropical plants in the tropical and subtropical regions once lived under the same temperature environment as the present temperate zone during the ice age.

As a cytoprotective agent during freezing for the purpose of expressing a gene with cold resistance, trehalose solution for animal cell protection adjusted to an appropriate concentration while paying attention to the correlation between concentration convection and ice crystal velocity Maintains the growing cell mass at the proper activation temperature for tropical plants.
By applying the impregnation treatment for an appropriate time, cooling it to -60 ° C over a period of half a year (frozen), freezing it, and thawing it over time, the sleeping gene is activated. , It was due to the extremely fast growth rate and cold resistance of tropical plants after germination.

In the past, there were limited warm periods suitable for growth in the Ice Age, so it is said that there was a mechanism that left the offspring by instinctively increasing the growth rate and causing fruiting.
So far, more than 230 kinds of tropical plants can be grown in temperate regions.

An increase in RNA of the signal transduction gene was confirmed in the plants after the freeze-thaw awakening method treatment, whereby the cell division rate (cell proliferation rate) was accelerated and the growth rate was accelerated.
It is said that due to the faster growth rate, less sunlight and accumulated temperature are required for fruiting, resulting in the phenomenon of cold resistance.

Complete organic pesticide-free cultivation

Agricultural chemicals, antibiotics, and chemical fertilizers are used in large quantities in current agriculture. Although these chemicals have helped increase the efficiency of agricultural production, they have been alarmed for decades over their harmful effects on the human body and the environment. In addition, many workers and scholars have pointed out that genetically modified crops may have an adverse effect on the human body. Utilization of freeze-thaw awakening technology has become an important technology for promoting the promotion of complete organic pesticide-free cultivation that does not rely on genetic modification.

This technology was developed by Professor Setsuzo Tanaka for the following purposes:

What is produced by the freeze-thaw awakening method:

・ Improvement of food self-sufficiency rate in Japan.
・ Economic contribution to farmers by using tropical fruits under their own brand in temperate / arctic regions, which has never been possible before.
・ Production of crops that are kind to the body in the true sense → Immunity of the human body is increased, leading to medical reform.
・ Resolve the food crisis in preparation for the upcoming population explosion by improving productivity.

We believe that freeze-thaw awakening technology can help agriculture.

Freeze-thaw awakening
Verification test variety list

① Wenzhou tangerine
② Lisbon lemon
③ Mexican lime
Tahiti lime
⑥ Indian Progenitor Citron
⑤ Bush can
⑦ Eureka lemon
⑧ Sicilian species Allen Eureka
⑨ Grapefruit
⑩ New Summer Orange
⑪ Kawauchi Bankan
⑫ Mandarin
⑬ Encore
⑭ Sweet summer citrus
⑮ Iyokan
⑯ Masaki Yasu

⑰ or mandarin
⑱ Ota honkan
Other kumquats (5 types)
Dekoponkan (3 types)
Wenzhou citrus fruits (7 types), etc. (33 types)
Various original species (more than 50 types)
[Fruit tree]
Apples (7 types)
Chestnuts (3 types)
Peach (8 types)
Pears (2 types)
Biwa (3 types)
Persimmon (6 types)
Guavas (5 types)
Other unknown original species (more than 30 types)
Total fruit trees (62 types or more)

[Banana species]
① Cavendish system (27 types)
② Gross Michelle system (16 types)
③ Lacatan series (5 types)
④ Ready finger type (6 types)
⑤ Island banana system (3 types), Ogasawara system, Okinawa system
⑥ Plantain cooking type (46 types)
Other seeds with seeds (68 types),
Seedless anonymous ancestors (more than 100 species) There was a huge number of unnamed ancestral strains.
Paddy rice, upland rice, wheat, barley, buckwheat
Corn, soybeans, red beans

[A wide variety of other non-classifiable crops]
Ginseng (3 types)
Licorice, wolfberry, guarana
Medicinal morning glory etc.
Medicinal plants (50 types or more)
Coconuts (5 types)
Dates (3 types)
Acai palms (2 types)
Sago palms (4 types)
Babas palm
Row Momoko
Kirin Ketsu Momoko
Total Momoko (17 types)
Coffees (5 types)
Cocoa (8 types)

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