Regain the greenness of this earth

Returning the Greenness Of the Earth

We are alive in plants.
Unless we live in harmony with plants, we cannot live a rich life.

-Our mission to change the world from agriculture-

FTA Revolution

Our Story

The following three are said to be present in the agricultural revolution. 1. Research and development of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. 2. A genetically engineered crop with genetically engineered products was created. 3. A method that enables permanent cultivation without using fertilizers or pesticides.
This is a cultivation method that can be expected to preserve the global environment and food safety, and is now being called the third agricultural revolution.

One of the most noticeable methods in the agricultural revolution is the freeze-thaw awakening method that was born in Okayama, Japan.

Dr. Setsuzo Tanaka’s research awakened the natural adaptability of plants, and was able to transform tropical crops into temperate crops. And with this method, the amount of RNA produced was increased several tens of times higher than usual, resulting in extremely high plant growth rates. We will bring out the hidden potential of plants that are completely different from the nature of plants we took for granted, and transform the common agricultural standard and the currently problematic genetically engineered agriculture with farming methods that overturn common sense. We will measure the coexistence of the earth and humans using the dream method of being able to do things.

Our Mission

The pride of the freeze-thaw awakening method lies in the fact that the natural adaptability of the plant was awakened and that “tropical crops were transformed into temperate crops” and that the growth rate became extremely fast. The latter was a nice miscalculation I found as I continued my research. Freezing and thawing stress increases the amount of gene information transmitter (RNA) produced in frozen plants by 37 times compared to the normal level, which is reflected in the growth rate.

Also, fruit trees are generally susceptible to pests, but we do not use any pesticides in the crops we produce. Along with the activation of cell division, the vitality of the whole plant increases, and the resistance to root rot and spider mite increases, which makes it possible to grow completely without pesticides. It may seem that you are against the law of nature, such as making tropical crops in Japan, but as the above characteristics, the freeze-thaw awakening method uses the inherent power of the plant to reduce the risk of cold and disease. It is a technology that supports you so that you can overcome it. I think that this is a naturally rooted method rather than conventional breeding by genetic crossing or genetic recombination.

Through the cultivation of tropical crops, I want to boost Japanese agriculture. Japanese agriculture has many problems such as the aging of farmers, an increase in abandoned cultivated land, and pesticide problems, but we believe that the spread of tropical crop cultivation can solve these problems in an integrated manner. I am.

Currently, Japan’s revitalization of agriculture is given top priority, but the future of the world is ahead. Currently, the world population has exceeded 7 billion, and further increase is expected. The freeze-thaw awakening method should surely be useful for solving the food problems that inevitably occur there. The productivity of freeze-thaw awake farming should be able to save people from food shortages if they can adapt to each region regardless of the climate zone.


Our Story

Pesticides are harmful to the human body because they are sometimes used as tools for suicide and murder.
Of course, the agricultural products on the market do not have an immediate health impact because there is a standard for how much pesticide can remain.
However, it is clear that it is not good for your health, and “if you don’t have to take it, there is no reason not to take it.”
In addition, pesticides are not only affecting humans, but are also concerned about their impact on the natural world, and it is said that Japanese countryside landscapes such as water striders and frogs swimming in rice fields and dragonflies flying around at sunset are lost one after another. say.
Coexistence with the natural world should be considered in order to leave a beautiful environment for children and grandchildren.
Do you have the impression that “domestic products are safe”? However, unfortunately, there is a reality that cannot be said about agricultural products.

In terms of pesticide use per area, Japan is the world’s third largest pesticide use country after China and South Korea (it was the top until 2004).
Given this, it seems that at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it is now being argued that domestic products can meet the standards of agricultural products that can be used in the restaurant of the Olympic Village.
Even in terms of the area of ​​farmland that is organically grown, Japan is only 0.2%, compared with 8.6% in Italy, 3.6% in France and 1.0% in South Korea.
Compared to other countries, Japan’s agriculture is by no means friendly to humans and the environment.

Our Mission

Fruit trees are generally vulnerable to pests and require the use of pesticides. In our crop production process, the vitality of the whole plant increases with the activation of cell division. As a result, the system against root rot and spider mite has increased, and it has become possible to grow completely without pesticides.

Therefore, you can safely eat even skin that is usually uneasy to eat due to the application of pesticides. No pesticides, no genetic recombination, and the potential of fruits has the best sweetness.

Mechanism of crops created by awakening method
It is produced in a place where there is no living thing that was a pest.
Since it is attached to the branches until just before shipment, it is a crop with nutrients permeated infinitely.

Since the research results revealed that unknown nutritional values ​​are revealed by awakening, we will continue to deliver safe and outstanding crops containing nutrients to everyone.


Our Story

According to the “Climate Change Monitoring Report” released by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the recent long-term increasing trend of “extreme weather and climate phenomena” is considered to be due to global warming, and it is predicted that global warming will continue in the future. . Based on the report, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries also calculates the world food supply and demand in the coming decades.

Meanwhile, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that “the earth is expected to cool down due to the extreme decline in solar activity.”

According to Martin Mlynczak, NASA Langley Institute, NASA’s oldest research facility.

“We are already observing the trend of cooling of the earth.
In a place near the universe above the Earth’s upper layers,
The atmosphere of our earth is losing heat energy.
If the current trend continues, for all ages from the space age
It may set a new record for cold trends. ”

While there is information that the Earth may reach the Mini Ice Age by 2030, Professor Setsuzo Tanaka researches freeze-thaw awakening technology based on the following hypothesis.

-In the 4.6 billion years from the birth of the earth to the present, terrestrial organisms have experienced tens of thousands of ice ages.
-Plants that have experienced the ice age are still prospering today, acclimatizing to pre-glacial and ice age climate changes.
・ Earth life is evolving every time the ice age is over
・ Is it possible to cultivate tropical plants in temperate regions by focusing on the fact that even tropical plants have adapted to the low temperature environment during the Ice Age?

As a result of research, we succeeded in awakening the ability of plants in genetic information to overcome the cold.
This “approach to let plants experience the water season” is a freeze-thaw awakening technology.

Our Mission

The world population that continues to increase is currently 7.7 billion. It is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050 and 11 billion by 2100. By using our freeze and thaw awakening method to solve the food crisis that will inevitably occur in the future, if the characteristics that adapt to each region are derived from plants regardless of the climatic zone, productivity will be greatly improved and people will be greatly improved. You should be able to save yourself from food shortages. By supplying various regions with crops that could only be produced in limited areas due to differences in temperature and temperature, pests, and soil, it is possible to deliver sufficient food to the necessary places.

There are two major problems in agriculture that are spreading in the world.
・ We have to confront the reality that food is running out due to the problem of increasing world population.
-Mass production will lead to a stable supply, but the traps of mass production will eat away people’s bodies.

That is why people are demanding organic crops. We will realize this kind of life that the farmers who produce credibly on the properly managed land deliver to us. Not only will the harvest speed and yield increase, but you can also use winter land that is not normally used.
We will be able to produce different agricultural products.

From our project, we will create a world where locally produced, locally consumed and safe organic crops are delivered to the public.

Forty years in banana research, repeated field trials of harvesting crops of tropical countries such as papaya and coffee.
We are currently expanding this project to the world while gaining track records in Japan and overseas.

Current World Project


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Award history

EOY Japan Startup Award Winner

We won the “EOY Japan Startup Award” held by EY Japan at the “EOY Growth Forum 2018” as a startup with an innovative business model and potential for growth.

The 13th Nippon New Business Creation Grand Prize Entrepreneur Category Grand Prize

Received the highest award in the entrepreneur category at the Nippon New Business Creation Awards sponsored by the Japan New Business Council Federation.

Okayama Innovation Contest Startup category grand prize

Representative Director Tetsuya Tanaka won the startup category grand prize at OIC organized by Sanyo Shimbun and Bank of China.

Agritech Summit 2017 Awarded the highest SMBC Award

At AG / SUM2017 sponsored by Nikkei Shimbun, team “BANANA DREAM” of director and technical director Setsuzo Tanaka won the SMBC award.

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