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Everyone wants to be safe and secure if possible, and to choose delicious food.

Awaken the ingredients, bring out the deliciousness to the limit, and penetrate the culture as high-grade fruits.

Furthermore, it is a crop that does not need pesticides, and it has the ability to withstand the cold.

If you can harvest more than ever, handling it will make your imagination infinite.

Genetic modification and pesticide issues

The plants are delicate and can be attacked by various external enemies depending on the environment. This phenomenon is especially a problem for farmers. Therefore, various approaches are taken to secure stable production. Using pesticides to repel insects and making genetically engineered crops that are resistant to insects are all thought methods for us to consume crops. However, this not only adversely affects our health in return, but unfortunately it is also compromised the important soil for daily crop production.
Are we the only way to live by choosing pesticides and genetically modified crops?

Japan has the highest amount of pesticide use in the world!

Pesticides have long been taken for granted to stabilize crop supplies. It is said that the amount of pesticides used in Japan is particularly high. According to the data up to 2010, the amount of pesticide used per unit area is about 7 times that of the United States, in the order of China, Japan, South Korea, Netherlands, Italy, France. It is said that if you continue to eat vegetables with residual pesticides, they will accumulate in your body, causing dizziness, nausea, skin irritation, and fever, which will adversely affect the human body. In fact, while Japanese food is often regarded as safe, Japanese food is very unreliable from the world perspective.

It is now required to break away from general cultivation using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to produce crops that are friendly to one’s family.

Genetic modification and genome editing

Genetic recombination is a method of giving genes, such as crops, the genes extracted from cells of other organisms to give them new properties. The properties of the extracted genes that are strong against pests, the effect of raising nutrients, and strong against herbicides are added as new characteristics of crops.
When we talk about gene recombination, there is always a technology called “genome editing” that comes as a set, but it is a technology that can achieve the desired breed improvement (mutation) with high probability.

Genome editing aims at the same process as breeding, which has been mutated by repeating crossing over a long period of time. While gene recombination acts directly on genes, genome editing only prepares the environment and induces mutations.

Our plants and agricultural products do not require pesticides, and are a method that "wakes up" the crop itself, which is completely different from genetic recombination and genome editing.

This allows the freeze-thaw awakening method to produce crops that grow faster than usual, taste great, and have nutrients that are not present in previous crops.

An example of our production / research crop

Gross Michel

The variety that was the mainstream before the current mainstream Cavendish was born. It's more mellow and moist than the Cavendish, and it feels like bananas were a luxury item in the past.

Geisha rare species

Geisha is a rare species that is currently difficult to obtain. Geisha coffee was born in Geisha village in Ethiopia, but its fruity taste gives it a new taste.

Afro cannabis

Cannabis cultivation has a growth rate of 5 to 10 times, and the branches become trunks, making it possible to produce cannabis of extremely high quality. In addition, since the components inside can be adjusted, it can be used for various purposes in the medical field.

Rare species of tipica

Like the Geisha variety, it is a Tipica coffee tree that is difficult to obtain. As shown in the picture above, our seeds do not have to be loaded because they are ripened in red at the same time.

Hemp sprout crystals

The hemp sprouts that have condensed and piled up create beautiful crystals. This is a phenomenon that cannot occur without a high-quality production method.

Amazing Papaya

Papaya produced by the freeze-thaw awakening method grows vividly at a density about 3 times the normal density from near the root of the tree to the top of the tree. When harvested and cut, it spreads with a beautiful crimson color and superb sweetness.

Super ripe pine

The sign of harvest is this orange. Since it will rot from the buttocks, it is usually impossible to ship it after ripe it up to this point. You can feel the sweetness of this pine scent that you have never smelled before.

Domestic luxury cacao

It is now possible to produce homemade cacao even in cold regions. The Bean to Bar chocolate shop is the trend, but this cocoa will be Bean to Bar Domestic.

Homemade pepper

We can make spices rich in flavor by making the pepper of the king of aroma and spices. It is now realistic that fresh spices were only available in certain areas.

Banana flower crystals

The bananas that we usually eat are made of banana flowers, but we are repeatedly causing the continuous phenomenon that more flowers are born under the banana.

Benefits of handling seedlings

Freeze-thaw awakening is the only method in the world that maximizes plant potential. The crops produce unprecedented growth rates and yields, increasing the production cycle in one year. We can also confidently ship crops that are completely pesticide-free, handle crops that are resistant to diseases, and have high-quality and long-lasting products, and help the people involved in our projects to feel the real pleasure of the creators who are receiving customer feedback. I’ll go. With the motto that the surrounding environment and the people involved will be satisfied with our hearts and will be financially enriched, we will create a new wind around the world regarding the future of food in the world.

Environmental adaptability

It is possible to grow even in the northern limit far beyond the environment where normal crops grow. In addition, stable production is possible because it can be cultivated even in the winter season when cultivation is difficult.

Pest resistance

The freeze-thaw awakening method has the advantage of enabling pesticide-free cultivation because it activates cell division, cultivates in areas where pests do not live, and increases pest resistance.

Pesticide-free cultivation

Along with the activation of cell division, the vitality of the whole plant increases, and the resistance to root rot and spider mite increases, which makes it possible to grow completely without pesticides.

Growth speed

The recoil released from the extreme cold increases the transcription rate of the gene signal transmitter RNA in order to grow as fast as possible, thus dramatically increasing the viability.


With the speed of growth using this technique, the yield will increase drastically because the cycle of annual harvest will more than double, and the number of fruits growing on one branch or tree will increase several times.


Of course, the taste of the crop brought to the table must be delicious. Not only does it have a high sugar content, but it can also provide a real taste that is supported by a wide range of people.

High profitability

In today’s society, mass-consuming society, where only cheap crops are supported, has come to support crops that have producers ‘feelings, where the producers’ faces can be seen.
If we can increase the production cycle in order to further expand the organic market, we will be able to realize several times as much revenue as we have ever imagined.

The following are the five main phenomena that occur using the freeze-thaw awakening method:

① Significant increase in growth rate
② Tree height dwarfing phenomenon
③ Cold-resistant awakening phenomenon
④ Awakening phenomenon of the original life instinct
⑤ Fruit enlargement and fertility phenomenon

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